AIxplorerBio has formed an in-deep collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix, to integrate druggability assessment model into own AI drug R&D platform, further accelerating the development of new drugs.

Since May 2022, AIxplorerBio has established a broad collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix in multiple areas, including de novo molecule design and optimization as well as draggability parameter predictions. In the evaluation of compounds’ druggability, AIxplorerBio has target-optimized PaddleHelix’s HelixADMET and integrated it into the company's AI drug discovery platform (AIxMol®). The platform has been successfully applied to the company's pipeline projects, helping the company deliver three Pre-clinical Compound Candidate (PCC) molecules in just 18 months. AIxplorerBio will continue to collaborate with industry leaders like Baidu to improve the functionality and efficiency of its AIxMol® platform to develop differentiated products more efficiently.

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2023 Riding The Waves and Following The Dream And Sailing Far Away | AIxplorerBio Move To New Location, and Signed The Cooperation Agreement With Xiuzhou District

On January 12, AIxplorerBio‘s relocation ceremony was held in Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City. More than 20 guests attended the event to witness this important development milestone together, including Mr. Wang Yifeng, member of the Standing Committee of

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CADD to AIDD -- The Game-breaker in the " Anti-involution " of New Drug Research and Development

Innovative drug has been " involuted " in these days, CADD/AIDD, as a hot frontier technology in the field of biomedicine, has brought great help to drug discovery and development. Will they be the game-breaker in the "anti-involution " of new drug resear

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