About AIXB

AIxplorerBio is an AI-powered drug R&D biotech company.  We focus on the discovery and development of new medicines for immunological and neurodegenerative diseases.  We are also committed to creating a new AI-powered drug R&D paradigm to enable innovation, efficiency and precision in searching for better medicines.

AIxplorerBio is established by a team of highly experienced cross-discipline experts and sponsored by the new B/IT (biotechnology and information technology) powerhouse, BioMap, and the leading drug discovery CRO platform, Viva Biotech.  In addition to the strategic cooperation with BioMap and Viva, AIxplorerBio also actively seeks collaboration opportunities with AI-oriented technology companies as well as drug R&D companies to explore more efficient ways for new drug R&D.

Leadership Team


The rapid advancement in AI technologies, the fast accumulation of “omics” data and the expanding structural information of proteins, etc. are opening up new possibilities for drug discovery.  AIxplorerBio intends to capitalize on these technology advancements to design and develop the right medications for the right patients faster, at scale and with higher success rate.

We will build and optimize our comprehensive AI-powered toolbox based on the actual needs from our drug R&D programs. We will continuously augment each task on hand with AI tools to eventually create a new drug R&D paradigm.


We Have a Dual Mission.

First, we establish our drug discovery program with new insights about patient unmet needs and disease mechanisms.

Second, we build a needs-driven AI technology platforms to enable the design and development of new drugs.


Our initial focus area is immunology.  Immunological disorders, particularly autoimmune diseases, are many (over 100 different types of autoimmune diseases) and with large unmet needs. The autoimmune disease treatment market potential is very attractive.  The global market for the autoimmune disease treatments was over $100 billions and expeted to $163.8 billions by 2030. The field of autoimmune diseases will be a fertile ground for the development of new drugs due to the rapid advancement of our understanding of diseases in the space.