AIxplorerBio launched its molecular design and optimization platform, AIxMolTM, to accelerate AI-enabled new drug R&D pipeline

On August 22, AIxplorerBio announced that the company had successfully launched AIxMolTM, its molecular design and optimization platform. AIxMolTM is committed to empowering internal drug development pipeline by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with

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AIxplorerBio partnering with the Institute for Immunology Tsinghua University to explore new frontiers in the field of autoimmunity

AIxplorerBIO and the Institute of Immunology at Tsinghua University recently reached a strategic collaboration agreement, in the field of autoimmunity on the pathogenesis of selected diseases, the selection and validation of relevant drug targets, and oth

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AIxplorerBio Entered A Broad Collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix to Expedite the Construction of Its AI Small Molecule Drug R&D Platform

On May 18, AIxplorerBio announced a broad collaboration with PaddleHelix. The two parties will leverage their strengths and collaborate in the fields of de novo molecular design and druggability evaluation, to accelerate new AI-powered drug research and d

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