AIxplorerBio's Multi-target Small Molecule Drug Design Platform (AIxMTDD) unveiled at the China AI for Pharma R&D Conference (CAPR2023)

The China AI for Pharma R&D Conference (CAPR2023) was held in Shanghai on May 25-26. The conference focused on the latest progress in AI-enabled drug research and development in recent years. During the event, AIxplorerBio demonstrated its multi-target sm

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AIxplorerBio and BioMap Collaborate to Find Synergistic Dual-Target Combination for IBD

Recently, a further collaboration between Suozhi Bio and Baitu Life Sciences has been announced. The two companies will be conducting joint research in the area of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by leveraging AIxplorerBio’s AIxMol new drug development technology platform and BioMap’s AIGP platform to carry out cooperative dual-target exploration.

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AIxplorerBio has formed an in-deep collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix, to integrate druggability assessment model into own AI drug R&D platform, further accelerating the development of new drugs.

Since May 2022, AIxplorerBio has established a broad collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix in multiple areas, including de novo molecule design and optimization as well as draggability parameter predictions. In the evaluation of compounds’ druggability, AIxplorerBio has target-optimized PaddleHelix’s HelixADMET and integrated it into the company's AI drug discovery platform (AIxMol®). The platform has been successfully applied to the company's pipeline projects, helping the company deliver three Pre-clinical Compound Candidate (PCC) molecules in just 18 months. AIxplorerBio will continue to collaborate with industry leaders like Baidu to improve the functionality and efficiency of its AIxMol® platform to develop differentiated products more efficiently.

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