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  • Computational Chemistry Researcher 2023-03-15


    1. Develop AI drug virtual generation and screening platform algorithm

    2. Database based algorithm training, verification and testing, platform construction and maintenance

    3. Develop a new algorithm for relative or absolute binding free energy of host guest system

    4. Application of structure and ligand based drug design and prediction modeling

    5. Promote drug discovery projects with interdisciplinary teams composed of pharmaceutical chemists, protein chemists and structural biology

    6. Be responsible for project schedule management, give full play to the spirit of team cooperation, and maintain good and smooth communication with other members during project promotion

    7. Complete other daily work, temporary and sudden work assigned by leaders


    1. Master's or doctor's degree in computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, physical chemistry, Pharmaceutical Informatics, computational information or related fields

    2. Must have one or more of the following technical capabilities:

       1) Have research experience in force field parameters

       2) Have research experience in chemiformatics and master the simplified molecular linear input specification SMILES or other forms of molecular structure characterization

       3) Be familiar with molecular modeling software, such as Schrodinger, KNIME, MOE, OpenEye, etc

    3. Experience in protein advanced molecular dynamics simulation technology

    4. Understand the physicochemical properties of small molecules and their interaction with proteins

    5. Independent thinking and scientific research ability

    6. Strong summary and analysis, excellent English reading and writing skills

    7. Have good teamwork and dedication, take the work seriously and responsibly

    8. Strong communication skills and enthusiasm to work in an interdisciplinary team environment

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  • AI Algorithm Engineer 2023-03-15


    1. Develop and optimize machine learning algorithms, including mainstream deep learning models, to accelerate the process of drug development, including but not limited to the mining of new targets, prediction of small molecule binding activity and optimization of lead compounds;  And related data integration and analysis;  

    2. Integrate relevant field knowledge and technology into machine learning algorithm to solve challenging problems in the field of medical research and development;  

    3. Timely update cutting-edge AI algorithms, and develop systematic experimental procedures to evaluate and reproduce cutting-edge results;  

    4. Generate technical documents to help and drive junior project members to achieve the expected experimental results;  

    5. Work with other teams and departments to transfer machine learning technology models to systems and platforms.  


    1. PhD degree in computational chemistry, computational Biology or related field (computer science, statistics, chemistry, physics, etc.), with complete project experience in artificial intelligence algorithm development, drug development related project experience is preferred;  

    2. Theoretical knowledge and practical application of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and reinforcement learning;  

    3. Strong research ability on the latest AI algorithm direction and related results;  

    4. Excellent problem making and solving skills, excellent communication and team work skills, good data awareness and excellent research skills.  

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