2023 Riding The Waves and Following The Dream And Sailing Far Away | AIxplorerBio Move To New Location, and Signed The Cooperation Agreement With Xiuzhou District

Source:索智生物 Time:2023-01-17

On January 12, AIxplorerBio‘s relocation ceremony was held in Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City.   More than 20 guests attended the event to witness this important development milestone together, including Mr. Wang Yifeng, member of the Standing Committee of Xiuzhou District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiuzhou High-Tech Zone, Professor Su Bing, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong, University School of Medicine and Director of Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Professor Tang Yun, doctoral supervisor of School of Pharmacy, East China University of Science and Technology, senior management team of AIxplorerBio, partners in the field of biomedicine, scientists and investment institutions.