AIxplorerBio has formed an in-deep collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix, to integrate druggability assessment model into own AI drug R&D platform, further accelerating the development of new drugs.

Source:索智生物 Time:2023-05-09

Since May 2022, AIxplorerBio has established a broad collaboration with Baidu's PaddleHelix in multiple areas, including de novo molecule design and optimization as well as draggability parameter predictions. In the evaluation of compounds’ druggability, AIxplorerBio has target-optimized PaddleHelix’s HelixADMET and integrated it into the company's AI drug discovery platform (AIxMol®). The platform has been successfully applied to the company's pipeline projects, helping the company deliver three Pre-clinical Compound Candidate (PCC) molecules in just 18 months. AIxplorerBio will continue to collaborate with industry leaders like Baidu to improve the functionality and efficiency of its AIxMol® platform to develop differentiated products more efficiently.