AIxplorerBio and BioMap Collaborate to Find Synergistic Dual-Target Combination for IBD

Source:索智生物 Time:2023-05-22

Recently, a further collaboration between Suozhi Bio and Baitu Life Sciences has been announced. The two companies will be conducting joint research in the area of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by leveraging AIxplorerBio’s AIxMol new drug development technology platform and BioMap’s AIGP platform to carry out cooperative dual-target exploration.


AIxplorerBio is a biotech company that is dedicated to developing innovative treatment options for patients with autoimmune diseases. They aim to achieve rapid and long-lasting therapeutic effects of autoimmune diseases through dual-target synergy. Their new dual-target small molecule drug development platform uses AI and Bioinformation technology to screen for and evaluate the target combinations and solve multi-target drug design problems. The collaboration between AIxplorerBio and BioMap aims to deepen their understanding of how cells and systems work, so as to find more and better target combinations in the field of autoimmune diseases. The two parties will jointly explore target combinations against IBD and provide innovative solutions for IBD treatment.


AIxplorerBio is one of the first batch “public beta test” partners of the AIGP platform’s Cell-to-Protein functional module. The company have previously established a strategic cooperation with BioMap to jointly explore a new more efficient drug research and development paradigm.